Tuesday, April 24, 2012

River 4 Months

OK, so he's really four and a half months old.
I think I've said this on every River post, but he is getting so big!  He's coming along well with his training, we just need to fine tune heeling...

Ahem, right, fine tune heeling.

...and start working on distractions,
particularly the door bell!

We've done some fun stuff lately.  Here's a peek!

He was hungry

So he helped me make dinner...
(that's what I mean about getting big!)

OK, the real fun thing was our trip to the Rochester Fire Station with our puppy group.

The goal is to expose the dogs to the sirens and sounds of the running fire engines, as well as the strange way firemen look  and smell in bunker gear and masks. 

 How cute is that?

We also took the dogs into the training tower.  A three story cement block building with no lighting and metal grated stairs.  Some of the pups did not like it much, but after the first flight, River went up like a pro!

Here is to one awesome dog!

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Mama said...

How much bigger he is now! Yes. He is one awesome dog!