Monday, June 11, 2012

When The Going Gets Tough...

...The tough get going.  But by that time, is it too late?  Should "the tough" have been able to see the "tough going" on its way and been able to prepare for its arrival? 

The going is presenting some tough things in my life at present, and I'm regretting my lack of spiritual preparation. 

I am so quick to pray, read my Bible, and "walk circumspectly" when the going gets tough, but what of the times the going is easy? Why do I slack on the spiritual disciplines which should be a daily habit? I should have been able to see the tough times coming, should have been ready with my sword drawn, yet here I am staggering at this blow, scrambling just to find my shield. 

Though I am scared at the changes this "tough going" may bring, I must keep the faith.  
Through discouragement, slander, and accusation, I must know that all things work together for good.
Though I feel ill prepared for this situation, I must know He will equip me with the tools necessary to accomplish His purpose and that His purpose will be accomplished in me.
Though I want out of this situation, I know I must press through.  On the other side waits my Lord with "well done" on His lips.

May I remember.
Remember to watch
Remember to listen
Remember to keep His words even when the going is easy.
Because every now and then, the going gets tough.