Friday, May 23, 2014

Adventures of Life

Hi there everyone! 
That is, if there is anyone out there who still reads this thing...
It's been rather neglected, to say the least.

I write to you not from a seat with a view of the lake, where I would normally write, but instead, several hours south from our new home in Kentucky.

It has been an adventure.

It's different here in the south. They drink Ale-8-One instead of Vernors (they don't even know what Vernors is), Walmart runs out of bread when we get 1/4" of snow, and it gets so humid in the summer it looks like I got a perm.

Life is different, but life is good.
God is good.

You would think that after moving to another state I would spend some time there before I left, but the adventures called me elsewhere.

I originally moved to Louisville to teach preschool, but after two months I migrated farther south to spend a month in North Carolina. The craziness we call film making called once again and I assisted catering on the set of Princess Cut.

Just to clarify, when I say craziness, I mean craziness. Asking a restaurant owner if we can cook dinner for the crew in his kitchen because the kitchen we were originally going to use fell through, going nearly 48 hours on 1 hour of sleep, transporting lunch to, and eating on the side of a mountain, playing the "lock it up" game with kids on set to keep them quite during filming, jam sessions on the porch late into the morning... I would say night, but it was already morning by the time we started ;)

No matter how crazy it gets, it is always a blessing to work with friends who push on and encourage those around them when the going gets tough!

In February I headed back to Michigan to help costume Oxford High School's production of Beauty and the Beast. What an amazing and talented group of girls I got to know!

We laughed, and cried, ate too much, stayed up late hand sewing and watched movies, prayed together, danced together, encouraged each other, made mistakes and learned from them.
 We were all stretched to our limits, and saw God's faithfulness in so many situations.
"The God of angel armies, is always by my side!"

Here's a few more picture just because :)

And what do you know, but the very week after the show wrapped (is that the correct term for theater?) I ended up in Cincinnati catering another film, Wanted.

Rejoining the craziness with friends I had worked with on Princess Cut, and Beyond the Mask, we somehow made it through the week cooking in a kitchen which was also a hot set! Talk about a challenge! But we made it, and I'm pretty sure no one left hungry.
And can I add how much fun it is to watch movies with film makers? Winter Soldier for the wrap party any one?

Coming home, after I caught up on sleep, I set to work job hunting. I was blessed to find a job as a veterinary technician at a vet hospital only 15 minutes from our house! Between learning a new job, working part time, and all the little extras that come from living in a new house I've kept busy enough. I cannot help but think there is something on the horizon though.

I watch and wait, listen and learn.
I do what I can to be ready for the next adventure.

Because, you know, there will always be another adventure.

Monday, December 9, 2013


It is easy to say,
"In Christ, I have everything."
But it is another thing completely to say,
"In Christ, I have everything," When Christ begins to be truly all you have.
When the things you rely on for support become unstable, when you cannot look to others for direction, but must make the decision based on your relationship with Christ and nothing else, that is when you realize, "All I have is Christ," and must learn to say, "In Him I have everything."

When all I have is Christ, I say yes to all He gives 
including the removal of good things, so He can give me the best.
The purging of my heart to give me His.
Difficulties to form His character in me.

I must decrease so He can increase,
 so I can say "Yes" to everything He is, and the abundant riches He has for me that exceed all I can even think request of His hand.
As He gently peels my flesh away and in return, forms in me His image, may I rejoice through the pain and say with my heart, "All I have is Christ!  And in Him, I have everything!"  

 There is only room for one of us.
Will it me me,
or Him?
"Now, Lord, I would be yours alone
And live so all might see
The strength to follow your commands
Could never come from me
O Father, use my ransomed life
In any way You choose
And let my song forever be
My only Boast is You

Hallelujah! All I have is Christ
Hallelujah! Jesus is my life"

Yes, All I have is Christ!
And that is enough.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catching Up Again...

Hi there :)  Surprised to see me?!?!
I will do my utmost to see this blog does not decline into a series of "catching up " posts once a year, but here is another one simply because it is needed.  

Lets start with an update on River.
Most of you know I raised River for Leader dogs for the blind.  My responsibilities included teaching basic obedience and acclimating him to being out and about in public until he was about a year old.

It is hard to believe this cute little ball of fluff, floppy ears and all...

...Turned into this beautiful boy!

He was so much fun to train, and even more fun to take grocery shopping ;)  
In early November I took him in for another set of x-rays to check on a limping problem that was still giving him problems.  At four months it was diagnosed as pano (K-9 growing pains).  The new x-rays confirmed what I was afraid of.  River had elbow dysplasia, which disqualified him from the Leader dog program. Later that month He was re-homed and now lives with his half brother and (human) family with a large fenced in back yard!

Here is to my favorite dog to date. Yes, I miss him!

Other than that, life was pretty steady and low key until the end of September when I had the privilege of joining the catering crew for a Christian, action/adventure feature film being filmed here in Michigan.

(Now in post production.  Check it out at!)

Never has there been a more encouraging, fun, Christ-like, hard working, and crazy group of people to work with!  It truly was "deluxe" ;)

My family is now moving on to our next adventure, which may include a move several states away.  We are still waiting on the Lord and seeking His will for this situation.  While we may be in the "state" of limbo for now, we look forward to what God has in store for us, here, or elsewhere.

Waiting on Him,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Catching up...

So today I discovered a yummy new breakfast smoothie, mowed the lawn, and annihilated a wasp nest.  (The foaming wasp and hornet killer spray is awesome!) Yes, that part was probably my favorite event of the morning.

I sat down to relax for a moment, and realized that I have a blog.  And said blog has not been updated in forever! 


I should fix that!
(On the off chance there is anyone out there who still reads it...)

Here is a quick update on what life has thrown at me this summer. 

It started with saying good bye to a dear friend.  She went on a missions trip to the Philippines and will be gone for six months!  Needless to say, we spent a lot of time together before she left.

Throw in a quick trip to Kentucky...

Then planning a wedding shower with a friend for a couple in our church...
Between decorating and coming up with newlywed game questions, I am so ready to throw another one!

A time out for some fun at the fair...  Never forget the deep fried pickles!

Decorate for VBS...

Then a crazy week at SSI!

I hope your summer was filled with fun activities as well.  Here is to a wonderful (almost) end of the summer and a relaxing fall!

Monday, June 11, 2012

When The Going Gets Tough...

...The tough get going.  But by that time, is it too late?  Should "the tough" have been able to see the "tough going" on its way and been able to prepare for its arrival? 

The going is presenting some tough things in my life at present, and I'm regretting my lack of spiritual preparation. 

I am so quick to pray, read my Bible, and "walk circumspectly" when the going gets tough, but what of the times the going is easy? Why do I slack on the spiritual disciplines which should be a daily habit? I should have been able to see the tough times coming, should have been ready with my sword drawn, yet here I am staggering at this blow, scrambling just to find my shield. 

Though I am scared at the changes this "tough going" may bring, I must keep the faith.  
Through discouragement, slander, and accusation, I must know that all things work together for good.
Though I feel ill prepared for this situation, I must know He will equip me with the tools necessary to accomplish His purpose and that His purpose will be accomplished in me.
Though I want out of this situation, I know I must press through.  On the other side waits my Lord with "well done" on His lips.

May I remember.
Remember to watch
Remember to listen
Remember to keep His words even when the going is easy.
Because every now and then, the going gets tough.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stars Don't Move

I've had some long days this week.  Really long days.  Not just physically long, but emotionally draining.  I walked to my van after a particularly difficult day, slowly crossing the dark parking lot, dreading the long drive home and busy schedule the next day held.  Other than my weary body and worrisome thoughts it was a perfect night.  I savored the smell of the fresh night air, and enjoyed the feel of the cool breeze through my hoodie. It helped clear my mind. I took a deep breath and looked up as I neared the van.  I saw a perfectly clear inky black sky. And there they were.  As clear and predictable as ever, the bright pinpoints of stars in their familiar constellations.  Always the same, but the wonder of their beauty and simplicity never diminishing.  

I've heard people describe the creation of the stars as being "flung into space," like God scooped a handful of diamonds from his paint box and tossed them onto the canvas of the night sky to see where they would fall.  I picture God thoughtfully hanging each star in the heavens, drawing pictures with them, purposely hiding them for us to find, and in so doing, declaring to us His glory.

I stood there with my head tilted upwards for several minutes.  I felt out of place before, but somehow the stars brought everything back into perspective.  I didn't want to move.  I wanted to stare at them forever, to drink in a portion of their consistency and absorb some of the peace they have from knowing they are exactly where God wants them.  

Stars don't move. Why do I feel as if I always have to be?  What would happen if I stopped looking for the next best thing and fully embraced what He put in front of me to enjoy and serve Him in today?  He has placed me right here, right now, to complete a picture, to declare His glory.  Yet there I go, trying so hard to figure out where I should be that I miss it completely.

Stars don't move. That is part of their beauty.  If only I could learn such contentment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

River 4 Months

OK, so he's really four and a half months old.
I think I've said this on every River post, but he is getting so big!  He's coming along well with his training, we just need to fine tune heeling...

Ahem, right, fine tune heeling.

...and start working on distractions,
particularly the door bell!

We've done some fun stuff lately.  Here's a peek!

He was hungry

So he helped me make dinner...
(that's what I mean about getting big!)

OK, the real fun thing was our trip to the Rochester Fire Station with our puppy group.

The goal is to expose the dogs to the sirens and sounds of the running fire engines, as well as the strange way firemen look  and smell in bunker gear and masks. 

 How cute is that?

We also took the dogs into the training tower.  A three story cement block building with no lighting and metal grated stairs.  Some of the pups did not like it much, but after the first flight, River went up like a pro!

Here is to one awesome dog!