Friday, May 23, 2014

Adventures of Life

Hi there everyone! 
That is, if there is anyone out there who still reads this thing...
It's been rather neglected, to say the least.

I write to you not from a seat with a view of the lake, where I would normally write, but instead, several hours south from our new home in Kentucky.

It has been an adventure.

It's different here in the south. They drink Ale-8-One instead of Vernors (they don't even know what Vernors is), Walmart runs out of bread when we get 1/4" of snow, and it gets so humid in the summer it looks like I got a perm.

Life is different, but life is good.
God is good.

You would think that after moving to another state I would spend some time there before I left, but the adventures called me elsewhere.

I originally moved to Louisville to teach preschool, but after two months I migrated farther south to spend a month in North Carolina. The craziness we call film making called once again and I assisted catering on the set of Princess Cut.

Just to clarify, when I say craziness, I mean craziness. Asking a restaurant owner if we can cook dinner for the crew in his kitchen because the kitchen we were originally going to use fell through, going nearly 48 hours on 1 hour of sleep, transporting lunch to, and eating on the side of a mountain, playing the "lock it up" game with kids on set to keep them quite during filming, jam sessions on the porch late into the morning... I would say night, but it was already morning by the time we started ;)

No matter how crazy it gets, it is always a blessing to work with friends who push on and encourage those around them when the going gets tough!

In February I headed back to Michigan to help costume Oxford High School's production of Beauty and the Beast. What an amazing and talented group of girls I got to know!

We laughed, and cried, ate too much, stayed up late hand sewing and watched movies, prayed together, danced together, encouraged each other, made mistakes and learned from them.
 We were all stretched to our limits, and saw God's faithfulness in so many situations.
"The God of angel armies, is always by my side!"

Here's a few more picture just because :)

And what do you know, but the very week after the show wrapped (is that the correct term for theater?) I ended up in Cincinnati catering another film, Wanted.

Rejoining the craziness with friends I had worked with on Princess Cut, and Beyond the Mask, we somehow made it through the week cooking in a kitchen which was also a hot set! Talk about a challenge! But we made it, and I'm pretty sure no one left hungry.
And can I add how much fun it is to watch movies with film makers? Winter Soldier for the wrap party any one?

Coming home, after I caught up on sleep, I set to work job hunting. I was blessed to find a job as a veterinary technician at a vet hospital only 15 minutes from our house! Between learning a new job, working part time, and all the little extras that come from living in a new house I've kept busy enough. I cannot help but think there is something on the horizon though.

I watch and wait, listen and learn.
I do what I can to be ready for the next adventure.

Because, you know, there will always be another adventure.

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