Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catching Up Again...

Hi there :)  Surprised to see me?!?!
I will do my utmost to see this blog does not decline into a series of "catching up " posts once a year, but here is another one simply because it is needed.  

Lets start with an update on River.
Most of you know I raised River for Leader dogs for the blind.  My responsibilities included teaching basic obedience and acclimating him to being out and about in public until he was about a year old.

It is hard to believe this cute little ball of fluff, floppy ears and all...

...Turned into this beautiful boy!

He was so much fun to train, and even more fun to take grocery shopping ;)  
In early November I took him in for another set of x-rays to check on a limping problem that was still giving him problems.  At four months it was diagnosed as pano (K-9 growing pains).  The new x-rays confirmed what I was afraid of.  River had elbow dysplasia, which disqualified him from the Leader dog program. Later that month He was re-homed and now lives with his half brother and (human) family with a large fenced in back yard!

Here is to my favorite dog to date. Yes, I miss him!

Other than that, life was pretty steady and low key until the end of September when I had the privilege of joining the catering crew for a Christian, action/adventure feature film being filmed here in Michigan.

(Now in post production.  Check it out at beyondthemaskmovie.com!)

Never has there been a more encouraging, fun, Christ-like, hard working, and crazy group of people to work with!  It truly was "deluxe" ;)

My family is now moving on to our next adventure, which may include a move several states away.  We are still waiting on the Lord and seeking His will for this situation.  While we may be in the "state" of limbo for now, we look forward to what God has in store for us, here, or elsewhere.

Waiting on Him,

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The Potter's Clay said...

Hey Hon!

I just read the last five or six of your posts to catch up on your life, and there was something in each of them to encourage me for this moment!

Thank you for your heart that desires to seek Him! You're a blessing! Miss your beautiful spirit!