Friday, April 16, 2010

Fried PB&J

I have yet to post anything about cooking, and I haven't tried any new recipes recently that are worth posting, so here is a fun way to fix PB&J that my team enjoyed during Character Suite. We didn't have much to cook with; a microwave, a burner, a toaster, and an iron. Yes, the kind you use to get the wrinkles out of clothes. (After three weeks in the same four walls, you learn to be creative with what you have on hand...)

This is the crazy crew who turned an iron into a cooking appliance...

Step One: Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (easy enough...)
Step Two: Cut a piece of tin foil that is big enough to wrap the entire sandwich. (What?)
Step Three: Spread butter on one side of the outside of the sandwich, place face down on the tin foil, and spread butter on the remaining plain side of the sandwich. (I know, we're weird! if the picture didn't clue you in...)
Step Four: Wrap the sandwich in the tin foil so that there is only one or two layers of tin foil on each side. (Wrapping the sandwich like a tootsie roll, or scrunching/rolling the foil up to the crust works well, just make sure the tin foil on the bread side is relatively smooth)
Step Five: Pre-heat iron (yes, the one you use to get wrinkles out of clothes...) to the wool or cotton setting.
Step Six: Place the foil wrapped sandwich on the IRONING BOARD!!! (IMPORTANT STEP!!!)
Step Seven: Place heated iron on top of sandwich (still in the foil!) and leave for approximately 30-45 seconds. Repeat on second side. (you can very carefully place your ear by the sandwich while the iron is still on it and hear the butter crackling!) The bread should have a grilled look when it is done. Step
Eight: Let cool
Step Nine: Carefully unwrap and enjoy!


Lauren said...

Good times. Good times. I love you guys.

Lisa said...

Wow, Mary! This definitely took some creativity! Survival at its best. :-)

Patriot Ponies said...

Lol Mary!! That is amazing! I'll have to try that some time.