Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes life makes me smile :)

Last Saturday I went to a friend's house to help out with some things, and brought Grandma along. She had such a good time playing with the kids and holding the baby! She was especially taken with red-headed Lydia. She spent at least an hour out side with her, watching her play, and trying to explain why she couldn't join her on the trampoline! When they came in side Lydia crawled up on the couch next to "Gamma," as she calls her, and this is what happened... Tina and I must have taken at least a dozen pictures of them sleeping like that. Both of them were out like a light! A few other cute moments...
Grandma and Esther
Lydia, Esther, and Josiah playing paper dolls
Baby Malachi
Lydia, Grandma, Malachi, Josiah
I'm so thankful for friends!


Lisa said...

Cute, Mary! Glad you could take Grandma along too!

Mary said...

I am glad you had fun :)