Saturday, October 29, 2011


Nothing tastes better on a cool day than a mug full of steaming apple cider and a warm doughnut!  And actually, doughnuts are not that difficult to make!

First, you make the dough, and let it rise till its light and airy

Then roll it out smooth

Cut it into circles with a biscuit cutter 

Then cut little circles in the middle of them. 
The only thing I have that is small enough is a tiny heart cookie cutter.

Lay them on a cookie sheet and let them rise again

Wait for the oil to heat (It takes forever! But mostly because at this point you can start to taste the doughnuts in apprehension of their yummy goodness!)

Now for the fun part!  When the oil is finally ready, carefully drop the dough into the hot oil and watch it bubble :)
Don't forget to flip them over as they brown!

Roll them in spiced sugar

And enjoy the finished product!

You can see the recipe I use here, however I add a bit of vanilla and nutmeg or cloves to the dough to make them that much better.  I would love to hear how yours turn out!


Lisa said...

Mary!!! I am so jealous! :-) I want to make doughnuts and have been looking for recipes. I just haven't gotten to making them yet! Thanks for your recipe. They look delicious!

Mary J said...

Wow!! They look great :) Good job!!!!