Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sledding Done Right

First, make friends with someone who has (or has access to) a good sledding hill.
This is more easily said than done, but I've been blessed with some good contacts :)

Next, wait for snow.  In Michigan it may come as early as Thanksgiving, or as late as January, but the fun is always worth the wait!
And by "good sledding hill" I mean a hill with an iced starting ramp and big bon fire warming area!

And is lit all the way down the hill, through the woods, and over the neighbor's driveway :)

Mr Reiche and Lydia make the inaugural run

And Mom went down a few times too!

Now, you can have fun with all sorts of variations. You can ride single, double, or even tripple!
Be warned, its hard to stay on when you are the one on the top!

Mary Ellen and I decided to ride double and tape the ride.  Here's a glimpse of the fun!

Thank you for the wonderful evening Mr. Reiche!
Happy winter everyone!


Daniel Bryson said...

How long have you folks known Mr. Reiche? He's one of our family's best friends! :) That hill is awesome - especially with that big old runner sled!

Candice said...

So you need to hook us up with a trip to this awesome sledding hill. Where in the world is it? If the snow can last for more than a day, we will have to make a trip together.