Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm still here!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, died of some strange disease or been abducted by aliens, I promise!  Between School, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Clay coming home for the holidays, an interesting trip to the doctor's and catering a wedding reception for a friend, I've been concentrating on keeping my feet under me and my focus on what is right before me.

Obviously, it wasn't the blog.
Here is a quick update on what it was :)

School: Yes, I've finally finished!!!  My official graduation date was January 2nd, though I cannot take the national exam until May.  I am so glad to have all that over with!

Doctor's appointment: After a couple years of worsening fatigue I finally went to see a trusted functional medicine doctor near us.  He put me on the infamous "Candida diet" (otherwise knows as the canteatit diet) due to, among other things, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and gluten intolerance.  (Gluten? REALLY?!?!?! Of all things, it had to be gluten, didn't it?) It has been an interesting journey through the land of rice cakes and almond butter, not to mention French fry and ice cream cravings, but I have learned much about myself and my health through it.  ...and lost a few pounds in the process.

Christmas: Yes, on the Candida diet.  (wasn't as bad as it sounds.  I'm thankful for that healthy dose of creativity I have!) Mom made me some buckeye type cookies (with alteration) that I could eat, which made my day, and, Clay was home!  That made for some happy times, to be sure.  And I have to add, I think he looks real good with a goatee!

Wedding Reception: Before Christmas a friend asked if I would coordinate the reception at his wedding in Travers City.  I agreed, and spent the next few weeks making lists, comparing prices, making phone calls, baking cookies, and learning all sorts of interesting things.  (For instance, did you know there are about 30 cherry tomatoes in one pound?) I am happy to say that the wedding was beautiful, the reception went well and no one left hungry! (sorry, no pictures, I was kinda busy...)

Now: Now? I'm job hunting, attacking my enormous sewing pile, preparing for a new four legged addition to the family (more information coming soon!), and learning to rest in more ways than one.  But, more about that later.

...That is, if I don't fall off the face of the earth, die of some strange disease or am abducted by aliens...

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Maiden Princess said...

It appears you have truly been embracing this season of your life. You look beautiful as ever and sound as creative and think-on-your-feet as I know you to be! :) I hope you are starting to feel better and help your body to heal as you slow down *cough cough and warning look* ;)

I look forward to reading more of your "musings" that is, if you don't die of some foreign disease beforehand lol...(ps. To prevent this, wash your hands A LOT :P)

In His Love,
Maiden Princess