Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oklahoma Part 2: State Fair!

Most who know me, know I love the Fair! So I was naturally excited when, the first week back in Oklahoma City, we went to the Oklahoma State fair. Ok, so we were volunteering at the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) booth, to tell the wordless book, but we had time to look around and have fun too! Praise the Lord for the work he did in the hearts of those who listened, and in mine! I've never been very bold in sharing my faith, and God has a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones! I had stationed my self out side the tent where my job was to get people's attention as they walked by and invite them to hear the story of the wordless book. (my comfort zone) As I was standing there, a man stopped and looked at the walking sticks with the wordless book colors on them, that we give to people after they have heard the story, and asked how he could get one. (This man was obviously drunk... still thinking straight, but drunk all the same) I told him all he had to do was listen to the story and we would give him a stick. So he positioned himself smack dab in front of me and said he was waiting for me to tell him the story so he could get his stick... long story short, he practically told me the wordless book, then proudly walked off with his stick after giving me a smelly hug! (The Lord gives grace!) I'm glad he knew the story, but pray he takes it to heart! My favorite moment of the night came an hour or two later. Camille and I were standing out side the tent inviting people in, when Camille challenged me to tell the story with the next people that came by. (out of my comfort zone!) I finally agreed, and a few minutes later, two young men (about 17 or 18 years old) came in. (Way out of my comfort zone!) I gulped a prayer, sat down across from them and started. By the time I got to the dark page, they both seriously realized their need for God, one started tearing up. By the grace of God, both young men received Christ! Please pray for Kenny and Delven, that they would connect into a church and truly serve the one who gives perfect peace!

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