Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oklahoma Part 9: Things I've Learned

While at In The Gap, I have learned,
* That preschoolers get excited about anything you are excited about -- even a cotton ball... to the demise of a particular object lesson...
* That sleep is over rated, you can survive on much less than they say
* That playing hot-potato with a group of k-1st grade boys, turns into a 'who can throw the bean bag farthest and get it first' contest.
* That to survive at In The Gap, you must know three things: how to play ultimate Frisbee, how to play Oshka, and how to play Settlers of Cattan
* How to plan for a 25 minute lesson in 5 minutes or less (And yes, it actually happens!)
* That if you tell a class you will walk out early if they don't behave, you have to be prepared to do it

* How gift wrap bows are like attentiveness, a sea bag is like obedience, and dominoes are like truthfulness
* That no matter how busy your day is, you can always find time to memorize a scripture verse
* That kids remember you for the smallest thing you notice them for
* That the teachers are watching you too!
* The worst kids in your class are the ones you will miss the most
* That no matter how hard you try, you will always have a pile of things in your room to take back to the warehouse
* That sometimes the most vital part of a Bible club lesson is not telling the kids about Jesus, but showing his love to them
* That newsletter stories are not always the grand and glorious things you hope they will be, but more often than not they will be whispers of hope and glimmers of God's goodness He hides in your path for you to find and rejoice in as you realize his love for you

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