Monday, December 13, 2010

Oklahoma Part 3: Silly Bands

A canceled afternoon Bible club and an impulse purchase. Not things that would normally take anyone by surprise, and they didn't, but the outcome did. It was our second week of teaching and our Wednesday Bible club was unexpectedly canceled, so we headed to a housing project where most of the kids know us from school, to play with the kids at the park. All we had to do was start throwing a Frisbee around before kids came pouring out of the houses to play! Children's ministry can be exhausting work! Between basketball, tag, Frisbee, and anything else the kids could think of, we managed to exhaust ourselves quite thoroughly! In the middle of a game of tag, one of the kids noticed my silly bands. "Hey!" he shouted, "You have silly bands! Let me see them!" With that, he started tugging on my arm, trying to yank them off my wrist to see what shapes they were. Within seconds there was a crowed of three or four kids clustered around me, trying to see what they were. I didn't know plastic could be so exciting! I quickly snatched my hand above my head before it was dismembered, lol!, and said "They tell a story! Want to hear it?" They eagerly shouted (and I mean shouted!) "Yes!" At the excitement, several other kids joined the group that was literally bouncing in anticipation! I pulled my roommate, Camellia, and her matching silly bands into the mix. Together, we told the complete message of salvation to around 5 children! Praise the Lord for wordless book silly bands, my impulse purchase before leaving for Oklahoma! None of the children we witnessed to received Christ that day, but seeds were planted and we were able to explain some things they did not understand. I was amazed at their eagerness and interest in the things of God. Their interest was not isolated either, everywhere we went the kids were looking. Looking for something to make their life worth while. Looking for something different, meaningful, substantial, satisfying. The sad part is, they probably won't find it. Their chances of having a good role model, much less one who would point them to the Lord, are practically non existent simply because there is no one to tell them. "The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." Luke 10:2

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