Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oklahoma Part 8: Fun Times!

I was looking over my posts about Oklahoma and realized that they are all very serious and solemn. Sure, there were times like that, but the majority of my time there was spent laughing with friends as we were learning. So, this post is dedicated to all the fun times! Enjoy :)
The hike through tick infested woods
Having Catherine around to make us smile
Acting like pre-schoolers during a lesson practicum! 
Sorry, Jane Ann and Crysendrea... well, not really ;)

A whole day of thrift store shopping!

Beating Camellia in verses by two whole seconds!  (this picture has aboslutely nothing to do with memory work, but we are standing in front of our favorite building in the city, the Library!)

Snack sales at C.O.

 An ice cream place reminiscent of Cooks in Michigan. We made, probably to many, memories here including Esther and I buying a whole carton of ice cream instead of a cone, then sawing at it with plastic knives so we could eat it...
Shopping at the Chinese market ...

Watching Jeriah cook...

And eating an authentic Chinese dinner :)

Inside Jokes ;)
Sightseeing in the city
Visiting the Horse Farm!
The two self proclaimed 'hicks' enjoyed themselves immensely, though there was a brief
 dispute over who got to ride shot gun...
Trying object lessons on each other

Beating all the boys at arm wrestling!
Pipe cleaners, pipe cleaners, and more pipe cleaners ;)
Walking around school looking like Noah's ark
Watching the kids 'snap to' when I walked into the room
looking like this and talking like a drill sargent, then watching their
faces when I made Camellia do push ups!

Wow, I think I'll stop there, but did I convince you? I promise, we had fun!

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Allison said...

Yes. By now, I am completely convinced you had fun. At least I think so... :D

It is a joy to work with dear friends in proclaiming Christ!