Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oklahoma Part 5: Bible Club

 Twice each week we would rush home from school, dump our school supplies, change our cloths, re-pack our bags with Bible club supplies (for me, that meant lots and lots of pipe cleaners!) and rush right back out the door for Bible club. Between game time, sword drills, small group activities, scripture memory, songs, and the Bible lesson by way of skits, and helping with home work, Bible club was a highlight of the week! At the Tuesday club I had a group of k-1st grade boys. On Wednesday, I had a team of 2nd-3rd grade boys. It is amazing how close you get to the kids just by seeing them once a week for a couple of hours! But no matter how much we tried to teach them truths from the Bible, it seemed we were always the ones learning the lessons....

.....Skits are amazing! When I attended Vacation Bible School as a child, or any other time for that matter, the skits were always my favorite part! Being in the skits are even better! But the week it was my turn to present the Bible lesson during large group at Bible club, I was actually pretty worried about it. I'm fine with teaching the lesson, but I did not feel like I had adequate time to prepare for it. (Jesus calming the storm) Actually, I prepared the night before... (I do not recommend doing that!)
While I was preparing the lesson, something stood out to me. When the disciples were caught in the storm and battling the wind and waves, Jesus was asleep in the back of the boat. Did He not want to help His disciples? Of course He did, but they didn't realize how much they needed Him until they realized they couldn't do it on their own and asked for His help. They could have asked sooner, they could have asked as soon as they saw the storm clouds gathering, but no, they waited until they thought they would perish at sea. How many times am I in the midst of a storm, no matter how small, and fight till my strength is gone before I ask Jesus to calm the sea? Feeling very unprepared to teach, I quickly asked the Lord to calm my heart as He calmed the sea that day. He does answer prayer! I ended up teaching that particular lesson three times last week. At the first Bible club, I had the honor of leading a little girl to Jesus, at the second Bible club that week, after the lesson, I had the honor of telling Anthony about the peace that Jesus gives in forgiveness of sins. As I explained to him how Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins, he looked troubled, but when I told him how Jesus didn't stay dead, that he conquered death and sin, his eyes got wide, and a joyful grin spread over his face! He, too, prayed and accepted the gift of forgiveness that Jesus holds out to each of us. I was able to give him a Bible (which he treasures!) and challenge him to read at least 2 verses each day. Later that week, his small group leader told me what happened later that afternoon. He came up to her and said 'I talked to that lady, we were talking about sin and I prayed!' 'who's child are you now?' she asked him. 'God's!' he replied. 'How do you know?' she asked again. 'Because He changed me,' he answered, 'I know He changed me!' Praise the Lord for the work He does in hearts that are open! The fields truly are white and ready for the harvest.

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